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Welcome to the Mark Squires' Wine Bulletin Board housed on the eRobertParker.com web site as a service to the wine community.

The Mark Squires' Wine Bulletin Board uses the Ultimate Bulletin Board software--the most popular on the Internet. The Ultimate BB has just about every feature you can think of. Most of all, it presents an entire thread on a clean, legible, quickly readable page. Hope you enjoy it. For detailed info, see the FAQ hyperlinked on the Wine Bulletin Board. For a quick introduction, read on.

You can browse the posted messages on the Wine Bulletin Board, including those of Robert Parker and our other reviewers, without registering, but you have to register on the Wine Bulletin Board in order to post yourself! It's free, and you do not have to be a subscriber of eRobertParker.com in order to register on the Wine Bulletin Board. Why register? Registration creates a unique identity for each poster. This is essential in order to use many of the advanced features of the Board (like email notification when you get replies to a topic you started). For another example, you will be able to edit a note already posted. Have you ever wanted to change something you had posted in public? Here, you can--but it requires you to establish a password protected, unique registration. Otherwise, obviously, everyone could edit your notes. Because registration on the Wine Bulletin Board does not require a subscription to eRobertParker.com, you will have to register separately for the Wine Bulletin Board even if you already have a subscription to eRobertParker.com.

Please note when registering that we do have a "real names" policy, as explained in the Wine Bulletin Board's FAQ. If your publicly displayed name is not a full, real name (and we understand that many Internet users are attached to their "handles"), then please "sign" your notes with your full, real name. Signatures can be automated and customized in the signature feature accessible from the "my profile" hyperlink. Anonymous posters are not allowed and their posts are subject to deletion.

Important note: After you register, your auto-generated password will be emailed to you immediately. Barring Internet oddities, you should get it within an hour or two. Please don't complain if it doesn't arrive immediately. If there's an inordinate delay, let us know. Please make sure to enter a valid, correct email address, or you can't get a password mailed to you. Also, please note that you can personalize and change the auto-generated password by going to the "my profile" hyperlink once you're "in" for the first time.

Very important warning: Wine Bulletin Board passwords AND logins are caSe sEnSitiVe!


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